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#MAIP2019 + Havas pt. 1

First off, I’d like to thank MAIP for the incredible experience that I’ve had these past couple of weeks. I’ve had the privilege to meet so many like-minded, talented, and passionate people, that it really makes me hopeful for the future of advertising.

From the outside, advertising can easily be seen as a money-hungry industry that shoves capitalism down people’s throats. And if done wrong, the people aren’t wrong. Throughout the history of advertising, we’ve seen so many companies rise and fall from the power of a single campaign. One word: Pepsi. We hear so many buzz words like ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ being carelessly thrown around that it feels more like a checkbox to be ticked off, rather than something that should be seamlessly integrated into our work culture and the work we produce. My time at Havas Chicago with MAIP hasn’t even ended, but I can honestly say that MAIP has opened my eyes for the better, as I’ve realized that this industry still has a L-O-N-G ways to go; but that’s not to say that progress hasn’t been made. I’m grateful to be apart of a program that cares deeply about peoples’ voices and stories being heard, because that’s what advertising is about: the subtle nuances that make us all human. In other words, finding human truths. In the end, we’re all just humans that want to be heard and understood.

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#Maip2019 + havas pt. 2

Finding the right agency is like finding your soulmate; you could find “the one” on your first try, or your 47th. And there’s nothing wrong with finding the right match on the 47th go at it, but I’ve found that one of the beauties of MAIP is that they, in a way, do the matching for you.

Throughout my internship experiences, I can confidently say that Havas Chicago has been the best agency match for me. Their culture and priorities align with mine, and I’ve never felt so at home, at work. The people who work there are incredibly driven and passionate about the work they do. Whether its advertising a sleek faucet or a wheel of boujee cheese, they always want to pump out the best work and continue to push their clients to create something bold and memorable, which I’ve noticed to be a lacking quality in the industry. I value Havas’ bold and unique voice, and the fact that they continue to challenge their clients means that they are constantly striving to create work thats just different.

To be honest, I’m not sure if I would have considered applying to Havas during the internship application process. But I’m incredibly grateful that agencies like Havas are partnering with programs like MAIP and are aware of the lack of diversity in this industry. In my case, sometimes the best matches are the ones we least expect.

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Some cool things i’ve done

  • Present client decks

  • Concept creative ideas + solutions

  • Design professional decks

  • Design branded content for Havas

  • Research for brands

  • Work with some pretty cool and talented people